Common Reasons for HVAC Repair in Bridgeport, CT

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Emergency HVAC repair calls happen mainly because homeowners do not notice the signs of an imminent failure. Recognizing the symptoms of a struggling furnace will save you time and money because you can call us in for preventative action, rather than hope we make it to your stressful situation in a timely manner. Here are the common reasons for HVAC repair in Bridgeport, CT, as well as the symptoms to watch for:

  • Struggling pilot light: The pilot light in your furnace should stay solid with a blue flame. When it dwindles, that shows your furnace is having problems. Weak pilot lights can result from mundane explanations that are easy to fix, like old leaves stuck in the intake valve. Other times, it can be a more serious problem, like worn out flame sensors. Anytime you notice a change in your pilot light, it is a sign that you need to call an HVAC technician.
  • Slow burners: When your furnace works well, the burners will roar to life when the pilot light ignites. If instead of this roar you hear a whimper, your burners need to be checked out. Again, the solutions range from the easy do-it-yourself task to a full-blown technician visit. Thermostats with dead batteries slow down burners, so change them out before you make a service call. If you change the batteries and the issue remains, you likely need new flame sensors, gas valves or a replacement control board.
  • Blowers are dead: Blowers working slowly or not at all often suggest electrical or mechanical shortcomings. If you turn the fan to “on” and there is no blower action, the issue is likely electric. However, if the fan is on and the blower works, but there is no heat, you likely have a mechanical problem. This affects the communication between the blowers and the thermostat, so failing to fix this issue will make your furnace less efficient.
  • Outdated system: Your HVAC system has a lifespan of about 20 years. The decades can conclude quickly, so it may be time to replace your system. Also, if you just bought a house, your system could be at the latter end of that lifespan. People overlook the time for a change all the time, and are suddenly reminded of their need to modernize when the system breaks down. Sometimes, your system breaks because it is worn out, and replacing it is the most prudent option.
  • Worn out filters: The filters in your HVAC system control efficiency, and if they get too dirty or worn out, they could compromise your system entirely. Fortunately, replacing filters is a quick job that does not cost much to complete.
  • Out-of-date thermostats: Customers frequently replace their HVAC system in its entirety—except for the thermostats. With new programmable models that save money, this often seems to make little sense. Older thermostats may work well at first, but eventually they will not communicate well with a new system. Rather than keep old thermostats as a cost-saving measure, upgrade to a programmable system that will pay for itself in utility savings.

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