Stay Current on Heating Service in Bridgeport, CT This Winter

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Winter is a bad time to neglect heating service in Bridgeport, CT. Untimely breakdowns can leave your home unlivable as you attempt to sleep through another freezing night. Keeping up with maintenance, like changing filters, or calling sooner rather than later when pilot lights are weak will prevent complete failures and emergency service calls. Here are five reasons why you need to schedule timely maintenance and repairs on your heater during the winter:

  • Keep it ready: Heaters work hard in Connecticut, and that is why you need to treat yours well. Days become warmer in spring, but there are still cool nights when you will prefer your home heated. Schedule annual maintenance appointments, and when there is something wrong, call even if the cold days are ending soon. Bad sounds and weird smells from a year ago can become a problem now. Stay prepared and your furnace will be ready no matter when you need it.
  • Reduce emergency repair calls: A sudden breakdown leads to the need for an emergency repair. While many technicians maintain 24/7 hours—and that can include those no-heat-at-2-a.m. incidents—you will pay heavily for that service. Rather than create an expensive and desperate situation, keep up with maintenance and call about problems as they arise. Besides, you cannot rely on emergency repair services, because a staff shortage or holiday could mean you still wait days for a working furnace.
  • Avoid the contractor rush: Sudden cold spells result in more calls for heater service. You may end up last on the list and endure cold indoor temperatures for days before seeing your technician. Planning ahead helps you beat this rush for contractor services. You are more likely to get a contractor in more quickly, and at a time more convenient to you.
  • No waiting for parts: If your repair requires replacement parts, there could be a wait if your furnace has an uncommon problem and we do not keep the part in stock. This can be a bad situation if your furnace failed, and now you need to live without heat until we order and receive the part. Calling before circumstances become dire prevents this from occurring, since we can replace the part before failure or prepare ahead of time after you describe the issue to us. You deal with a low-pressure situation that is merely inconvenient, rather than a desperate emergency.
  • Benefits of a no-pressure inspection: In regularly scheduled appointments, all issues can be addressed. We can assess the reasons for why some rooms are better heated than others. If you remember disturbing clunking noises, we can find out the cause of those, too. Any codes produced by the heater or interesting issues we happen to notice can also be repaired. Being thorough with repair and maintenance is easier when you schedule non-emergency appointments.

If you need heating service in Bridgeport, CT, call BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a maintenance or repair visit. We can help you stay warm this winter!

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