Avoid Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Bridgeport, CT with These Seven Tips

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Arranging for commercial refrigerator repair in Bridgeport, CT can be a stressful ordeal. Many food service businesses are dependent on refrigeration to assure food quality and avoid health code violations. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid refrigeration malfunction and repair bills. Here are seven tips for keeping your refrigerator running in top condition:

  • Avoid anti-sweat heater use whenever possible: Many businesses with access to an anti-sweat heater always keep it operating. However, the only time you really need it is when you see condensation buildup in your display case or refrigerator. When you use it during times it is not necessary, that is another way to compromise your cooling ability. Install automation with your anti-sweat heater so it activates only when necessary. This reduces your utility bills, but also places less stress on your refrigeration systems.
  • Check door seals: Disintegrating door seals raise utility bills and reduce cooling ability. Many owners fail to notice this issue until a food safety problem arises or one month’s expenses are particularly high. Door seals leak mainly because they wear out. Since food service demands constant access to display cases and storage areas, the seals take all that pressure and eventually wear away. Seals fortunately can be replaced.
  • Install auto-closers: Another issue that reads to energy leakage and reduced efficiency is employees failing to close refrigerator doors. Workers might leave a door slightly open because they are in a hurry or prop it open to make removing food items happen quicker. Unfortunately, this increases demands on refrigerators and wears them out. Adding an auto-closer shuts the door if it is left open. Educate your employees, too, so they know the importance of keeping refrigerator doors closed.
  • Dust the coils: When coils get dusty, cooling decreases and heat transfer becomes inefficient. If the coils are where you can see them, vacuum them out about once a month. For coils that are not accessible, keep current on regular maintenance and cleaning so this does not become an efficiency issue in the future.
  • Provide venting space: A common refrigerator failure arises from location. Refrigerators cannot function well unless they have space to vent. The same is true for freezers, display cases and ice machines. Assure these appliances all have venting spaces or you risk overworking the coils and facing a catastrophic breakdown.
  • Add motion-sensing lighting: This is most useful for display cases, since the lights often drain energy. Motion sensors turn off the lights when the case is not in use. You will save on utilities and reduce wear and tear.
  • Add night curtains: Display cases often struggle to maintain temperature because, unlike refrigerators, they are out in the open. When you close at night, morning sun and heating can push them to their limits. Purchase night curtains and keep them covered so they do not have to work as hard to get to optimal cooling temperature.

If you require residential or commercial refrigerator repair in Bridgeport, CT, call BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment.

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