Avoid AC Repair in Bridgeport, CT with a Spring Tune-Up

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With summer almost here, you need to start thinking about how you will stay cool when the temperatures start to rise. You may think your AC will do the trick, but if you haven’t used it in a while, you may be in for a surprise. There are many problems that could have arisen since you last operated your air conditioner, and only by having a tune-up of your cooling system can you avoid needing urgent AC repair in Bridgeport, CT this summer.

Identify problems before they become costly

With a spring tune-up of your AC unit, you will be assured that it is ready to go the moment it gets hot outside. It can be easy to put your air conditioner on the back burner because you don’t need it right now, but you will inevitably run into problems the longer you wait. A good checkup of your air conditioning system will help you avoid AC repair in Bridgeport, CT, as it will identify minor problems before they turn major and end up costing you more.

By having your HVAC service inspect your air conditioner now, you will be able to diagnose any issues that were causing you problems last season. You may have a worn belt that needs replacing, or your AC may not be holding temperature inside your home and needs a Freon recharge to get it operational again. Any unusual noises can also be addressed, and any worn parts will be replaced to help you prevent a breakdown in the dead of summertime.

What to expect from your AC tune-up

When you have an HVAC service come to your home for a tune-up, they will be sure to check your air filter to make sure it is clean and ready to handle regular operation. This can make sure the air quality in your home is cleaner and allow your AC unit to operate more efficiently, saving you on energy costs all summer long.

Over the winter, dirt and debris may have built up around your air conditioning system, and an HVAC service will take care of cleaning these areas. All components will be inspected and cleaned as necessary. You will also get a full lubrication of all your AC’s parts to ensure unnecessary friction and wear doesn’t occur.

During the tune-up of your AC system, an HVAC company will also make sure your unit is able to hold temperature inside your home and is blowing cold air as expected. This will include checking your thermostat and all of your home’s air ducts to ensure there aren’t any blockages or malfunctions that could impede your AC’s operation.

Having your air conditioning system tuned up now will save you on AC repair in Bridgeport, CT later, as you will have a cooling system that works properly all summer long. Contact BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your AC tune-up today. You’ll be ready when the temperatures start to heat up with a cooling system that runs efficiently and without problems!

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