The True Cost of Bad Air Conditioning Service in Bridgeport, CT

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Now that we’re squarely in the middle of summer, your air conditioner is likely working its hardest to keep you and your home or business cool. While it’s not pleasant to think about, it’s always a good idea to have a plan in mind for what you’ll do if you require air conditioning service in Bridgeport, CT.

Knowing in advance how you’ll approach suddenly necessary repairs or maintenance may well save you time and money in the long run, as not making the effort to select an experienced air conditioning professional could result in costs and consequences that go beyond the actual bill for maintenance. Here are some examples of how that could play out:

  • Improper installation: Even if you have a new air conditioning unit that seems to be doing its job, an improperly installed unit may ultimately begin to leak from its ducts and provide poor quality airflow. If this is the case, you’ll find yourself with an air conditioner that will likely continue to provide poor performance until you arrange for a repair. In the peak of summer, even a short time without a correctly functioning air conditioner can be highly unpleasant.
  • Unusual odors: Did your air conditioning technician fail to notice a foul or unusual smell coming from your air conditioning vents? Ignoring or prolonging fixing the unit once strange odors are detected may lead to damage, which could mean undesired downtime for your unit just when you need to be able to rely on it most. Any unusual smells likely mean that mold has gathered inside your ductwork or unit. If this problem develops, it should be taken care of right away to keep your air conditioner functioning properly and maintain a long lifespan for your unit.
  • Leaking refrigerant: If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be functioning as efficiently as it used to, this may mean that your unit needs more refrigerant. An inexperienced technician may merely add refrigerant to address the situation, but if that is the only service you receive, the refrigerant issue will only build on itself. A qualified air conditioning professional will know that they need to locate and resolve any issues with leaks, test to be sure the repair is sufficient and then add the proper amount of refrigerant. Just adding refrigerant will not solve any problems with leaks, which will mean an increasingly low level of performance and efficiency from your air conditioner. Aside from the frustration and expense of needing to arrange for another service appointment so that the repair can be performed correctly and the appropriate troubleshooting can be performed, your air conditioning unit will also be causing damage to the environment as it continues to leak refrigerant.

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