Why Should You Care About Refrigeration Services in Bridgeport, CT?

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When you rely on your refrigeration equipment in your commercial business, it’s essential to ensure that these systems experience as little downtime as possible. To help with this, learn more about the types of refrigeration services available to you in Bridgeport, CT so that you’ll be informed about what pieces of equipment might need occasional maintenance. The more knowledge you have, the faster you’ll be able to ensure that your commercial business is up and running again if a repair does become required.

Here’s a small sampling of the types of work an experienced refrigeration services company can perform to help reduce the chances of violating health code regulations and to keep the energy bills for your business as low as possible:

  • Ventilation: If you’ve lived through the stress and expense of a breakdown in your refrigeration equipment’s ventilation system, you know how crucial these systems are to your business’ operations. While a refrigeration services professional can perform repairs when your ventilation system has completely shut down, it’s never a bad idea to arrange for routine maintenance or an inspection to ensure that everything is functioning as it should be. If the professional you hire does detect any issues, they can perform any of the needed repairs promptly and also help troubleshoot any issues that might have otherwise developed down the line.
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers: These vital pieces of refrigeration equipment are among the biggest workhorses in your commercial kitchen. Being able to store large quantities of food and to do so safely requires that your walk-in coolers and freezers remain in top-notch shape. Again, a refrigeration services professional can perform any repairs or replacements in the case of an emergency, but a bit of routinely scheduled preventative maintenance can mean the difference between an extremely successful night or weekend of business and a night or weekend of lost expenses, high levels of stress and unsalvageable food.
  • Process chillers: A downed process chiller is never good news for your commercial operation, but by being able to quickly turn to a refrigeration services expert for repair or ongoing maintenance, you can help ensure that this essential piece of kitchen equipment performs at its best over the course of its lifespan.
  • Ice machines: A refrigeration services professional can help you keep your ice machine performing at a high level by providing routine maintenance and repairs. These tasks will reduce the likelihood of hazardous buildups and help ensure that your ice machine is meeting sanitary standards in its operation.

Ready to locate an experienced professional who can provide expert refrigeration services in Bridgeport, CT? The talented professionals at BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled level of excellence and quality to help you avoid frustrating equipment malfunction and costly repair bills.

You can rely on us for preventative service, routine maintenance, emergent and non-emergent repairs, installations and more. In addition to refrigeration services, we perform air conditioning installation, repair and service, as well as furnace repair and heating system installation and repair.

We want to keep your systems running as smoothly as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment for service, learn more about what we do or ask about a free estimate.

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