Talk to Heating Contractors in Bridgeport, CT About Whether You Need a New Boiler

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Even though it may be hard to believe, the summer is nearly over, and fall and winter are right around the corner. Pretty soon, you’ll be cranking up the heat in your home to avoid the chill from the cold weather outside, and when you do, you want to make sure that your heating system will be ready to keep up. There are many different types of heating systems that are used in homes, but one common type is a boiler system. In a boiler system, water is heated and then distributed through the home in pipes that are responsible for warming the air. It is important to keep an eye out for problems with your boiler and have maintenance performed regularly by heating contractors in Bridgeport, CT to ensure it continues to work the way it should.

Signs that you need boiler repair

Your boiler is responsible for heating water as a means of heating your home, so it is to be expected that the heat of your boiler at any given time of the day might change based on demand. If you have to wait a bit longer for the water to heat up or you aren’t getting immediate heating, it does not necessarily indicate a boiler issue—it might simply be a result of high demand on your boiler and heating system.

However, if your boiler does not seem to be heating water or getting hot at all, it is likely that there is an issue going on that needs to be addressed. If you consistently notice a lack of heating even during times of the day where there is a low demand, it might be worth it to have your boiler inspected to see whether it could be operating more efficiently.

Another potential sign that boiler repair is needed has to do with the function of your pilot light. Your boiler’s pilot light is a flame that lights gas and begins the heating process in your system. If the pilot light keeps going out, it’s a sign of a faulty thermocouple and can also indicate issues with your seals. You might also notice that your boiler has been making some loud and unusual noises. This is called kettling, and it’s caused by limescale buildup. This issue can usually be helped by flushing your pipes, but it will often need to be handled by a professional technician in order to ensure that they issue is dealt with comprehensively.

Contact heating contractors in Bridgeport, CT

If you’re concerned about your boiler or you simply want to have your system looked at before the heating season starts up, get help from experienced heating contractors in Bridgeport, CT. At BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning, we have years of experience working with commercial and residential customers to address all of their heating, cooling and refrigeration needs. We provide comprehensive services including inspections, maintenance, service repairs, replacements and installation so that we can help you out no matter what your specific needs may be. Simply contact us today to schedule an appointment—we would be happy to assist you!

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