How to Detect Problems with Your Walk-In Freezer

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It’s hard to underestimate the importance of a walk-in freezer for multiple environments, such as schools, restaurants, food storage facilities and more. These machines work hard for us, so it’s important to make sure they are in top condition year-round. Be sure to perform regular maintenance and call for freezer and refrigeration services in Bridgeport, CT when necessary.

In between inspections, you can diagnose some common walk-in freezer issues yourself, if you know what to look for.

You find “snow” buildup

Some ice is normal inside a walk-in freezer, but if you start to see a lot of “snow” accumulation, you could be looking at a potential problem. This buildup is often due to the fact that there is warm air leaking in, and this is changing the temperature. Check your freezer’s door hinges; they may need to be replaced or tightened.

If nothing is wrong with the door, think about how much you are opening and closing the freezer. If you are in and out a lot each day, you might just be letting too much warm air in consistently, in which case a tough strip curtain hung in front of the door (to reduce warm air flow) could be a big help.

There are ice sheets inside the freezer

If you notice large sheets of ice starting to develop inside the freezer, that’s a sign that something’s up. This ice means there is a water buildup somewhere inside, which needs to be remedied promptly. First, locate the evaporator coil and give it a thorough cleaning. Next, inspect the drain and drain pan to make sure any condensation inside the freezer is able to get to the drainage point instead of freezing first.

If you don’t see improvement, call for walk-in freezer and refrigeration services in Bridgeport, CT, and ask your service technician to look for potential damage to piping.

It’s hard to open the door

If you find yourself struggling to get the door open and nothing is obviously in the way, this is a sign that something’s not quite right inside. Frequently, the issue is a blocked air vent, and this is something that can easily be fixed. Make sure the air vent doesn’t have ice on it, and that it has adequate power. If you see that it has electrical power but persists in accumulating ice, don’t try a DIY fix—call a technician.

Your motor sounds strange

Motors are the most important part of a walk-in freezer, so if you notice yours starting to make weird noises or becoming less efficient, it might mean another freezer component is putting stress on it. A good place to start is with the fans—make sure they are functioning correctly and that they are pointed in the right direction. Once again, if you don’t see an obvious problem but know something’s amiss, call in a technician to find out what’s going on.

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