How to Tell If Your House Is Well Insulated: Tips from Your Local Heating Contractors in Bridgeport, CT

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Keeping your home warm all winter is a top priority, and one of the best ways to do this is with effective insulation. If you have had your current insulation in your home for a while and are unsure of just how effective it still is, your local heating contractors in Bridgeport, CT are here to provide you with a few signs of poor insulation that you should be on the lookout for.

Watch for snow melt

If the snow on the ground nearest your foundation has melted evenly around your home, it could be signaling that the insulation in your basement needs improvement. The heat that is escaping from your basement is melting this snow, and could in turn be costing you a lot of money for heated air that is being wasted. Even if your basement isn’t finished, adding insulation can help keep your home warmer, and ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible.

The same can be said for an attic that lacks proper insulation. If ice dams have formed on your roof, it could be because heat has escaped through your attic and has melted the snow on the warmer sections of your roof. The snow then slides and melts again when it reaches the cooler, lower portions, creating ice dams that have the potential to cause major damage to your roof. If you notice them starting to form, you will want to meet with a contractor right away, as the best defense against ice damming is proper insulation and ventilation.

Increasing heating and cooling bills

While poor insulation might not necessarily create a noticeable temperature difference in your home right away, you will definitely be able to tell something is off if your energy costs have consistently and inexplicably been on the rise. As your home continues to age and your existing insulation becomes less and less effective, your heating and cooling bills will consequently become more and more expensive.

The touch test

One of the simplest ways to tell if your current insulation has outlived its effectiveness is to perform a touch test on the walls in your home. On a cold winter day, feel the interior walls, ceilings and floors of your house. If the walls feel warm and dry, it is a safe bet that your insulation is still working as intended. However, if you feel that the surfaces are very cool or damp, it is time to contact a contractor to pursue new insulation installation options.

Poor insulation can cause a lot of problems for your comfort, your wallet and the structural integrity of your home, so making sure to clear up any issues right away is important. If you need help from heating contractors in Bridgeport, CT with diagnosing any potential weaknesses in your system, contact the experts at BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning. We have been making sure that residents have heating systems they can rely on since 1993. We’d love to help you stay warm this winter!

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