HVAC Services in Bridgeport, CT Recommend These Five Indoor Air Quality Tips

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Since it is widely known that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air, many consumers are interested in enhancing their indoor air quality. This is especially important if any of your household members suffer from asthma or allergies. HVAC services in Bridgeport, CT receive many inquiries on indoor air quality, since adjustments in furnaces and central AC can affect air quality. However, there are other steps you can take as well. Here are five of them:

  • Change air filters: One HVAC task you can do yourself is change your air filters. In newer systems, they are often very easily accessible, and you can change them out in just a few minutes. When the filters are clean, they remove allergens and particles which make your indoor air quality better. However, once they are dirty, they only recirculate those particles. When you are heating and cooling your home every day, change these filters every month. Use high-quality pleated fabric filters if possible, rather than the disposable fiberglass ones. Check for clogs, too, since that causes your air handler to work harder and may lead to a shutoff or breakdown.
  • Run your furnace blower: This seems counterintuitive during the summer, but notice we said “blower”—not “heater.” It will not influence your indoor temperature, and it re-circulates the air. With many homes, especially new ones, tight insulation techniques that save on utilities have a drawback, which is a lack of air circulation. You can counter that by encouraging air movement. If you cannot find a way to run your furnace blower, add ceiling fans, which will help reduce cooling costs while improving air circulation.
  • Clean floors: Most allergens come from the great outdoors and get embedded in carpet. Even if you have bare floors, they can still build up and affect air quality. Cleaning floors and vacuuming will reduce the effects this has on your indoor air. If it is not too hot or cold outside, consider cracking your windows open as you clean so you add air circulation to the mix.
  • Do not forget your fans: While they enhance air quality, fans can also counter all your efforts. Many homeowners may not think of it, but your ceiling and floor fans are dust magnets. When you run them, guess what you are putting back into your indoor air—that’s right, it’s dust. Remember to clean them regularly and, if you can, reverse the direction on your ceiling fans occasionally. That also helps keep them clean and enhances air movement.
  • Clean air ducts: Cleaning the air ducts of your central heating and cooling system makes a big difference. When you think about how long they may be neglected, it makes sense that they would become debris collectors, too. Retaining this service once a year before you make a transition from heating to cooling is all you need to do to help your air ducts contribute to indoor air quality rather than reduce it.

For professional HVAC services in Bridgeport, CT that lead to improved comfort and good air quality, contact BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning. You can trust our skilled contractors to finish any repair or maintenance that maintains the quality of your indoor air.

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