How to Tell When Your AC Unit Needs More Refrigerant

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There are many moving parts that are responsible for the effective operation of your HVAC system, but they can only be as efficient as the fluids and lubricants in the system allow them to be. In fact, you might find that without the right amount of HVAC refrigerant in Bridgeport, CT, your system might not work at all. Your local AC repair specialists are here to tell you a little bit about how important refrigerant is for your system, as well as some of the signs that will let you know when more is needed:

  • Abnormally warm rooms: If your air conditioning has been running all day but your home still feels warm, a lack of refrigerant could be to blame. Playing a critical role in your air conditioning system’s operation, refrigerant helps to cool your home by removing the warm air from inside of the house and moving it outside. This won’t happen, however, if there is not enough refrigerant in the system, as the deficit will leave your air conditioner unable to remove the warm air efficiently. If your system is running all day but is not cooling your home, you will notice rather quickly how substantially your energy bills are affected.
  • Limited airflow: In addition to warmer-than-normal air, the operation of your air conditioner can also be hampered if the airflow is restricted. If your system goes on running without the correct amount of refrigerant for too long, a block of ice can form inside of the air conditioner, reducing the amount of air that is sent through the vents.
  • Leaking: It is important to note that in reality, your system shouldn’t need to be refilled with refrigerant at all. The only time the refrigerant should need to be replaced is if there is a leak, which can sometimes be difficult to detect because of their small size. If you hear a strange hissing sound coming from your system, though, it could be an indication of a rather large-sized leak that you will want to have repaired right away. Topping up your air conditioning without fixing the leak means that you will have to refill the refrigerant continuously, and the costs to do so will add up very quickly. Repairing a refrigerant leak correctly is an intricate task that should only be attempted by trained professionals.

If you need the help of AC repair specialists in Bridgeport, CT to diagnose what may be wrong with your system, give us a call at BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning. If an insufficient amount of refrigerant is causing issues with your system, leave it to our knowledgeable team to get to the bottom of the cause. While a refrigerant leak might not seem like the biggest problem your system could have, you could end up paying dearly for the inefficiency it creates. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment—we look forward to helping ensure you stay cool and comfortable during the remaining hot days of the summer!

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