Dealing with Common HVAC Problems in Winter

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By the time winter rolls around, you probably aren’t thinking much about your air conditioning system, but you do want to feel confident that your heating system is working as effectively and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up with systems that don’t work well—or systems that fail altogether—because of a lack of proper HVAC maintenance in Bridgeport, CT. To avoid some common issues with your HVAC system this winter, it’s important to understand a little bit more about winter HVAC maintenance and how you should be caring for your system:

  • Motor malfunctions: It’s common for your heating system’s motor to show signs of issues during the winter months. The motor is responsible for pushing air through the system, and it is susceptible to wear and tear over time, especially if you use your heating system a lot during the winter months. After several years, you might need to replace the motor to keep your heating system working the way it should. Since motor replacement is a common repair for HVAC systems, you can simply add this service to a routine appointment for HVAC maintenance in Bridgeport, CT without the need to schedule an additional visit from a technician.
  • Duct and vent obstructions: Another common issue with winter HVAC in Bridgeport, CT is duct and vent obstructions. Over time, ductwork can accumulate dust, dirt and debris, and they can inhibit airflow through the system. The dirtier the ducts are, the harder the heating system has to work and the less efficient it will be. In addition, that extra stress can cause more wear and tear on your heating system and lead to other issues down the road. To avoid all of these problems, it’s important to invest in HVAC maintenance in Bridgeport, CT from professionals who can clean out your ducts.
  • Pilot light issues: When you turn on your furnace, the pilot light ignites fuel that works to heat air in your home. This pilot light is designed to be on all of the time so your furnace is always ready to be used. If the pilot light goes out, your system won’t be able to heat your home until it is lit again. If the pilot light goes out once or twice, it probably isn’t a big deal, but you shouldn’t have a continuous issue with your pilot light. If your pilot light goes out frequently and doesn’t stay lit, you should reach out to a professional to inspect your system and make repairs as necessary.

Get help with winter HVAC in Bridgeport, CT

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