Common Issues with Commercial Refrigeration Systems

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Your commercial refrigeration system doesn’t just keep products cool—it’s the backbone of your business, and if anything goes wrong, you stand to lose a lot of time and money getting it repaired. As with all equipment, it’s wise to implement a routine maintenance schedule and stick to it, in order to minimize any surprise downtime. Even when you keep your commercial refrigeration system in Bridgeport, CT perfectly maintained, you may still run into these common problems. Here’s an overview of the problems we frequently see, and how to spot them before they become more serious.

Temperature controls

Obviously, you need your refrigerator to maintain the appropriate temperature for your cold storage items—that’s the entire point of having one. If you notice that your refrigerator is no longer holding the correct temperature, it could be due to several issues.

First, look at your temperature settings and your gasket sealing. Is it set to the correct temperature and the rubber door gaskets seem to be sealing properly? If they are and you’re still having issues, the problem may be due to a malfunctioning compressor.

When your compressor malfunctions, it has to work overtime to provide cooling. Some causes of this include dirty condensers, fans or evaporator coils, refrigerant leaks and a general lack of lubrication and a malfunctioning defrost system. If it’s been a while since your refrigerator’s mechanical parts have been cleaned, the solution may be as simple as doing some cleanup, but you should call the pros to check.

Strange noises

Any refrigeration system is going to generate some noise due to the mechanical parts, but if you start hearing unusual noises, like clunking, clanging or even unusually loud noise levels, that’s a sign that your system is having some issues. It could be due to a number of causes, so it’s imperative that you call a refrigeration technician as soon as possible, before the problem worsens.

Ice buildup

Finally, if you’ve noticed excessive ice buildup in your commercial refrigeration in Bridgeport, CT, you may be dealing with a sealing problem. Normal ice buildup occurs when you open the door and let warm air inside the refrigerator—it will condense and form ice. Some ice is to be expected, but if you’re walking into a winter wonderland every day, it’s likely because more outside air is entering than it should. This could be due to improper door sealing, bad ventilation, a refrigerant leak or simply that someone is leaving the door open too long.

Commercial refrigeration systems service in Bridgeport, CT

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