Preparing Your AC for the Summer Months

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As the temperatures start to rise, you may start thinking about plans for summer. Vacations, days at the beach and other warm-weather activities likely come to mind. As you head toward this season, don’t forget about HVAC service in Bridgeport, CT.

To keep your property cool throughout the days and nights of summer, prepare with the appropriate AC repair in Bridgeport, CT. Take the following steps.

Check the filter

This step is simple, but often overlooked. Replacing the AC filter is an essential part of HVAC service in Bridgeport, CT. You’ll find an air filter in the furnace area. Your system may also feature air filters in the return air vents in the home. Replace or clean each of these filters to get your system ready for summer.

If these filters become clogged, they will prevent proper airflow, which will reduce the efficiency of your AC system and put unnecessary stress on it, reducing its lifespan. Freshening these filters will also help reduce the amount of dust floating in your home.

Clean the coils

Your AC unit includes condenser coils that are crucial to the cooling operation. The condenser unit is located outdoors. Throughout the fall and winter, debris accumulates in these coils, which should be cleaned before you start using the system for the season. All dirt, leaves and other debris should be cleared away to allow for proper operation of the condenser.

To clean the coils, first turn off the power to the unit. Then, remove the top and side panels to expose the condenser coils. Using a vacuum or soft brush, clean the interior coils. Clean gently so as to avoid bending the fins.

If you encounter any stubborn debris, you can use a commercial AC coil cleaner or a hose to remove dirt. Just be careful not to bend the fins, spray any electrical components or flood the system. To ensure a proper cleaning that does not damage your system, you can contact a professional for HVAC service in Bridgeport, CT.

Check the coolant lines

Your HVAC system should have insulation over the tubes or pipes that carry the coolant to the condenser. Check these lines for signs of wear and tear. If the insulation is missing or damaged, replace it before the summer season. If you’re not sure whether to replace or repair worn lines, consult with an expert in AC repair in Bridgeport, CT.

Test the system

Once you’ve cleaned and repaired your AC unit, allow it to dry thoroughly before turning the power back on and testing it. To turn it on, first turn your thermostat off. Then, turn on the power to the unit. Finally, set your thermostat to cool. If you unit does not work properly when tested, contact a local provider for AC repair in Bridgeport, CT.

Get ready for summer

Prep your AC system for smooth operation all season with professional HVAC service in Bridgeport, CT. Locally owned and established in 1993, BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing excellent service and a customer-friendly approach for over 25 years. Contact us today to schedule your seasonal tune-up.

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