When to Service Your Air Conditioner

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We’re in the dead of winter now, but spring will be here before you know it—which is the perfect time to schedule your HVAC service in Bridgeport, CT. Maintaining your air conditioner is an important preventative tool, so that when the sun goes from “warm” to “scorching,” you’re not caught by surprise AC downtime. You can take care of some of these yearly tasks yourself, but if you find any issues, you’ll want to call in the experts:

  • Change the filter: The most important task you can take on every season (or every month, depending on your needs) is changing your filter. Depending on your home’s needs, you can choose different filter strengths. If you have allergies and/or pets, you’ll want to opt for a stronger filter and change it more often. This is a simple DIY task—just check your manufacturer’s instructions for choosing the right filter and replacing it.
  • Do basic cleanup inside: First, make sure all of your vents inside are clean, dust-free and unobstructed by furniture or drapery. This will help the flow of air inside your home and ensure that the air conditioning reaches all the rooms.
  • Then take the basic cleanup outside: Next, pour a cup of bleach mixed with a cup of water down the outside unit’s drain, which will help prevent mold and other organic buildup. Then turn your attention to the outdoor unit’s surroundings—are the refrigerant lines clean and free of obstruction? Aim for at least two feet in every direction. Is there any foliage or lawn furniture or outdoor sporting equipment near your unit? Clear that away to ensure the best possible performance. Note that if your unit appears to be leaking, it may need professional service.
  • Turn it on: Finally, you should turn the unit on, set the temperature for a few degrees lower than the room and see if it kicks on as normal. If so, you should be good to go.

When to call an expert

There will be times when you need to call in an expert HVAC technician, however. If your AC unit doesn’t seem to turn on normally or cool the room as you expected, that could indicate a more serious problem.

It’s also wise to listen for unusual noises or smells coming from your unit. These can be a sign of problems with the motor or issues with the filter, refrigerant or other components. If your unit is more than 10 years old, it’s more likely to malfunction. If you notice anything unusual, call BLM Heating & Air Conditioning for a thorough HVAC service appointment.

Schedule AC unit servicing in Bridgeport, CT

Ready to schedule your springtime HVAC service in Bridgeport, CT? The team at BLM Heating & Air Conditioning has been helping the area’s residents stay cool for over 20 years. Whether you’d like routine maintenance or need emergency repairs, we’re happy to help you get your HVAC system up and running at peak performance. Get in touch today to schedule our visit!

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