Preventative Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

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Commercial refrigerators are a significant investment. If you rely on these units as part of your business operations, you want to ensure they continue to run smoothly and reliably. This requires proper commercial refrigeration maintenance in Bridgeport, CT.

To keep your refrigeration systems in top shape, use the following tips and suggestions. For additional support, partner with commercial refrigeration services in Bridgeport, CT for ongoing service.

Keep it clean

Consistent cleaning of your unit is an essential part of commercial refrigeration maintenance in Bridgeport, CT. Clean the entire interior and exterior each week, or at least twice each month. To properly clean the unit, remove all items, then use a soft brush to scrub the surfaces with a vinegar-and-water or soap-and-water solution.

For the exterior of the unit, avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. If the unit is stainless steel, be sure to use cleaners designed for stainless steel. For tough cleaning jobs, you can use baking soda paste or a degreaser designed for your unit’s surface type.

Maintain the condenser coil

In addition to cleaning all the interior and exterior surfaces of your unit, clean the condenser coil regularly. Schedule this cleaning once per season (every three months). Check your manufacturer’s recommendations for any cleaning tips specific to your unit. Typically, cleaning the coils requires disconnecting the power, removing dirt with a bristle brush, then clearing away any remaining debris with an air compressor or vacuum.

If your kitchen uses griddles or fryers, you may need to perform additional degreasing. Consult with a professional for proper commercial refrigeration maintenance in Bridgeport, CT if you believe this additional step is necessary.

Check the evaporator coil

This component is another integral part of commercial refrigeration maintenance in Bridgeport, CT. The evaporator coil absorbs heat, to help cool the interior of the unit. It is located next to the evaporator fan. To ensure this coil operates smoothly, make sure the area around it remains clear and clean. There should be room for proper airflow and movement. If not, the coil will not be able to vent the system properly, causing malfunctions and an increase in temperature.

Replace gaskets

The gaskets on the door of your unit ensure your refrigerator is sealed and keeps interior items cool. If a gasket breaks, it needs to be replaced right away. Check these each week to make sure they are fully operational. If they are not, contact a professional for commercial refrigeration services in Bridgeport, CT. Your local experts can provide this simple repair that will ensure the proper maintenance and operation of your commercial refrigeration.

Keep it cool

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