Lower Your AC Bills This Summer with These Tips

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With summer here and more people spending more time at home than usual, air conditioning bills are bound to go up. Keeping your home cool and keeping your bills low don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Whether you use your air conditioning system in Bridgeport, CT less often or you take other measures to prevent heat transfer, there are several ways you can stay comfortable without facing astronomical utility costs.

While not every one of these methods will be right for you, there’s a lot you can do in between sweltering in the heat and outfitting your home with an industrial air conditioner. Here are a few ways to save on your bills this summer:

  • Get a programmable thermostat: Modern programmable thermostats offer a lot more features than turning the air conditioner on and off during certain times of day. They can still do that, but they’re also great for “learning” your temperature preferences and adjusting accordingly. If you adjust your temperature seven or eight degrees each day, especially during times when you’re asleep or away from your home, you can save about 10 percent on your energy bills each year.
  • Replace your HVAC filters: Ensuring your HVAC system in Bridgeport, CT runs efficiently helps keep costs down. In addition to twice-yearly routine maintenance, you should be changing or cleaning your filters monthly. Your AC won’t have to work as hard, saving you more money.
  • Get your air conditioning system serviced: Calling an HVAC contractor like BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning will help you identify and repair problems before they worsen and require costly repairs or replacement.
  • Install solar panels: Many states offer solar panel rebates in addition to the energy you’ll save by installing some in your home. Prices depend on whether you buy or lease the panels, but both offer plenty of utility savings.
  • Seal or replace your windows: Your windows could be letting heat in during the summer and letting it escape in the winter. Consider replacing them with energy-efficient windows, or seal any drafts you find.
  • Insulate the walls and attic: Having good insulation helps prevent heat transfer between the indoors and outdoors. If your insulation is old and insufficient, consider replacing or bolstering it.
  • Stay downstairs: Since heat rises, try to stay downstairs as much as possible during the daytime—if you have a finished basement, you’ll find that it’s often the coolest area in the house.
  • Cook outdoors when possible: Running the stove, oven and even the microwave can increase the ambient temperature of your home. Summertime is the perfect excuse to take your cooking outdoors. If you need to run the oven, try to do it in the morning or at night.
  • Use your ceiling fans: Finally, using your ceiling fans can help circulate the air in your home and take some of the workload off your HVAC system.

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