Common Furnace Problems and What They Mean

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Most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the state of their furnace until something goes wrong. When the worst does happen, it’s only then that they discover precisely how complicated a furnace is. Modern furnaces involve a complex interplay between several components that could require professional furnace repair in Bridgeport, CT. If you’re experiencing problems with your furnace, here are some of the most common issues.

Thermostat problems

The first place to check for issues with your furnace is the thermostat. If your furnace isn’t coming on when it should, or if it seems to be running excessively, it could be a result of a broken thermostat. Head to the control panel and determine if the temperature gauge is off kilter or if the thermostat requires new batteries.

If you haven’t upgraded to a programmable thermostat, you should absolutely invest the money.

Wear and tear

The furnaces on the market today are built to last for years. With proper care, furnaces can last up to two decades. Unfortunately, even the best-maintained furnaces experience part failure from time to time and require furnace repair. Whether a part is malfunctioning prematurely or it’s just reached the end of its lifespan, the only option is to repair or replace.

You can easily jump this hurdle by having regular visits from a technician, especially before periods of prolonged use. Preventative heater maintenance in Bridgeport, CT can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of your furnace.

Aged-out filters

Even cutting-edge furnaces require properly-functioning filters to remove dust and debris from the air that circulates through it. As the filter works, minute particles get lodged in the filter, clogging it. That diminishes the ability of fresh air to move through the filter and forces your furnace to work harder. Fortunately, cleaning a filter or swapping out a clogged or old one is a breeze.

To ensure your furnace’s air filter remains in good working order, it’s best to swap it out every few months, if not more often.

Ignition problems

One of the trickiest issues to solve with your furnace is pilot light or ignition issues. If you notice that your furnace simply won’t start, you should look for a set of instructions on the furnace itself to safely restart your pilot light. If there are no instructions, the smartest thing to do is call a professional HVAC technician to go through the steps for you.

The team you can trust

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