Can You Install Your Own Furnace?

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Now that fall is in full swing and winter is right around the corner, it’s a great time to get your furnace into reliable working order. If your furnace is old and outdated and you’re thinking about replacing it, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to tackle the project on your own. While lots of homeowners consider DIY furnace installation in Bridgeport, CT to save money, it’s important to carefully think about the pros and cons of DIY installation before moving ahead with the project.

Think twice about DIY furnace installation

Even if you’re particularly handy and have a lot of experience with DIY projects around the home, furnace installation in Bridgeport, CT is the type of job best left to a professional. One of the most important factors to consider is the fact that furnace installation is a major project that typically requires a permit. If you aren’t a licensed HVAC technician, your furnace installation project will not be covered by a valid permit. That can cause a number of serious problems for homeowners, including:

  • Insurance problems: If there’s ever a problem with your furnace after DIY installation that causes damage to your home, your insurance policy might not cover it. Insurance companies don’t typically cover damage or costs associated with furnaces that aren’t installed by a professional technician with a valid permit to complete the job.
  • Safety risks: Professionals who specialize in furnace installation in Bridgeport, CT have the skills and expertise necessary to ensure that a furnace will perform as safely as possible. DIY installation greatly increases the risk of safety issues, including fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Hiring a professional for a new furnace install in Bridgeport, CT is the best way to ensure your furnace operates safely and reliably.
  • Performance problems: DIY furnace installation is not usually as successful or precise as professional installation. Professionals have extensive education and experience to provide HVAC services with a high degree of accuracy to optimize performance. Professionally installed furnaces usually perform much better than furnaces installed by homeowners themselves.

Hiring a professional for furnace installation

It’s best to hire a professional for a new furnace install in Bridgeport, CT. Look for local HVAC technicians online or ask for recommendations from friends and family members in the area. It’s also a good idea to read online reviews from previous customers to get more insight into the quality of the services different providers have to offer. Call around for price quotes and compare reviews to find the best value from a professional HVAC technician.

New furnace install in Bridgeport, CT

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