Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

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Everyone living in Bridgeport, CT knows the winters here can get pretty brutal. Unfortunately, a furnace can give out when you need it the most. Cold temperatures belong outside during winter, not in your home! If frigid air is circulating through your home, it’s time for some furnace repairs. With a little bit of furnace maintenance, you can avoid the common problems discussed below.

Problems with the pilot light

If a continuous pilot light runs your furnace, the flame might’ve gotten extinguished. This can occur due to a gust of cold air or a person working nearby. The good news is that this problem has an easy fix. Instead of replacing a broken furnace, all you have to do is rekindle the pilot light. People who don’t feel comfortable doing this on their own should call their local HVAC contractor in Bridgeport, CT.

Pilot lights that won’t ignite are a tougher problem to address. If this happens to you, the likely culprit is the pilot light’s gas valve. It may not turn on because it’s covered in filth, or worse, entirely broken and in need of a replacement. Either way, a professional can troubleshoot the issue and recommend the proper course of action.

Dirty air and oil filters

Regular furnace maintenance is necessary to avoid problems like cold air in your home. Gas furnaces require a new air filter every few months or once a year, depending on the filter’s thickness. If you never change your air filter, the furnace will overheat and stop working. Thankfully, air filters are easy to install on your own. Simply pop in a new one and reset the furnace.

Unfortunately, oil-fired furnaces aren’t so easy to deal with. They also need filter changes, which can get quite messy without assistance from a trained professional. A clogged oil filter will suppress airflow and stop the furnace from distributing heat throughout your home. If filters aren’t changed on a regular basis, this can result in costly furnace repairs down the road.

Grime on key components

Furnace maintenance could be as simple as making sure all the components are clean and running smoothly. For instance, the pilot light could be perfectly fine, but will shut down if the flame sensor is covered in dirt and debris. If the burner doesn’t ignite either, this is a telltale sign that your HVAC contractor in Bridgeport, CT needs to clean it.

Leaky air ducts

If the HVAC system is blasting cold air in the middle of winter, your furnace might not be the issue. The air ducts running through your home could be poorly insulated, or worse, suffering from a leak. Cracked ducts allow hot air to escape, which means the rooms aren’t properly heated. Instead of performing furnace repair, your local HVAC contractor will have to assess which ducts are leaking and seal the cracks.

Furnaces aren’t always an easy fix. When inexperienced hands attempt to remedy the problem, you could end up with more damage than you started out with. Avoid the hassle of fixing a furnace on your own by contacting the professionals at BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll have your furnace back to normal in just one afternoon!

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