How to Choose an HVAC Contractor

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Unfortunately, hiring an HVAC contractor in Bridgeport, CT isn’t as simple as doing a quick Google search—and, as we’ll find out below, neglecting to do your due diligence can have some real consequences. The good news is that choosing the right contractor also isn’t as hard as it seems. Continue reading to learn about a few traits to look for in the best contractors:

  • License and insurance: The first thing to look for is a contractor’s license and insurance. Lacking proper licensing and insurance is a sign that the contractor is inexperienced and untrustworthy. Don’t just take their word for it, either—be sure you see proof of their license and insurance.
  • References: Any experienced and reputable HVAC contractor will have a long list of customers that can attest to the quality of their work. Avoid the contractor if they don’t have references or are hesitant to hand them over.
  • Rebates and special offers: Reliable HVAC contractors typically work exclusively with top brands in the heating and cooling industry. When you’re having a new unit installed, check to see if they can offer any sales or rebates on their equipment. If the contractor can’t cut you a deal, they might be disreputable.
  • Home evaluation: If you’re hiring a contractor to install a new air conditioning unit or heating system, they should inspect your home before bringing the equipment in for installation. After all, HVAC units aren’t one-size-fits-all systems. If your contractor doesn’t ask to perform an evaluation, they’re not the right choice.
  • Written estimates: You’ll always want to choose an HVAC contractor in Bridgeport, CT who provides written estimates for their work. A contractor that only gives quotes over the phone may be a little shady. Failing to get a written estimate could end up costing you a fortune and leaving you and high and dry.

The importance of choosing a quality contractor

Now you know how to choose an HVAC contractor in Bridgeport, CT—but we haven’t covered why it’s so important. These are a few of the top reasons to put some serious thought into your HVAC team:

  • Functionality: Hiring an inexperienced contractor for new unit installation can mean big trouble for your AC or heater. Novices may install the unit incorrectly, leading to expensive repairs throughout its lifespan.
  • Unit longevity: Speaking of lifespan, hiring an underqualified contractor for installation or maintenance can mean a short life for your HVAC system. Experienced contractors know just what to do to get the most out of your unit.
  • Long-lasting relationship: Your HVAC contractor shouldn’t be someone you see during installation and never talk to again. Instead, you should see them each spring and fall for a system tune-up. Since you’ll have a long relationship with them, be sure you hire a friendly and experienced team.

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