Why Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

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Air conditioning units can run into a variety of problems throughout their lifespan, but one of the main complaints we get is an AC blowing warm air in Bridgeport, CT. There are a few reasons that an AC might start pushing stale, warm air instead of a refreshing blast of cool air. Continue reading to learn about a few of the causes of this problem and how we address them:

  • Thermostat issues: Believe it or not, a leading cause of a “malfunctioning AC” is actually just a thermostat that’s been adjusted without the homeowner’s knowledge. Ensure the thermostat is set to COOL and the fan is on AUTO before calling a specialist to make a repair. The thermostat may also just need a new set of batteries.
  • Clogged filter: Your AC’s air filter is responsible for blocking dust and other contaminants from entering the unit and damaging critical components. A clogged filter impedes the unit’s ability to suck in warm air and blow out cool air. Changing your filter each month is a quick solution to this problem.
  • Blocked or closed vents: Before calling an air conditioning service in Bridgeport, CT, walk through your home and ensure that all of the air vents are open and unobstructed. Many times, we find that warm or weak airflow is due to closed vents.
  • Leaky ducts: Your air ducts are responsible for delivering cool air from your AC unit throughout your home. Any holes, tears, cracks or disconnects in your ductwork can lead to warm air blowing out of the vents. This problem also leads to a lot of wasted energy. You’ll need to hire a pro to inspect your ductwork for any issues.
  • Power loss: The outdoor component of your AC system is called the condenser. If the condenser loses power due to a blown fuse or tripped breaker, you’ll still feel air coming through the vents, but it won’t be cold. Any power issues should only be addressed by HVAC contractors, as any missteps could lead to electric shocks.
  • Dirty condenser coils: The condenser coils are responsible for taking warm outdoor air and cooling it. These coils get dirty throughout the season, and dirty coils can’t do their job. Your HVAC pro can address this by cleaning off all the grime from the coils.
  • Refrigerant leak: As the name suggests, a unit’s refrigerant plays a key role in cooling air. Refrigerant flows in a closed-loop circuit, so it should never run out. However, cracks in the circuit can result in coolant loss and warm air coming through the vents. An HVAC pro can fix the cracks and add more refrigerant to your unit.

How can I prevent AC issues?

Fortunately, you can prevent your AC blowing warm air in Bridgeport, CT by scheduling preventative maintenance each spring. A yearly tune-up will keep your unit running at its best throughout the summer. Additionally, it can help save a fortune on repair bills.

With spring right around the corner, now is a great time to schedule your AC tune-up with an air conditioning service in Bridgeport, CT. Give the pros at BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning a call today to set up your appointment. We guarantee your unit will pump out cold air all season after we’re finished.

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