Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of Your AC Unit

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A new air conditioner is a large investment. Thankfully, today’s units are designed to last for as long as 15 years before they need to be replaced. The catch is that you and an HVAC contractor need to do a little bit of work to ensure you get the most out of your system.

How do you answer the question, “How to make my AC unit run longer?” Continue reading to find out:

  • Schedule yearly tune-ups: The best way to extend the life of your AC unit is to hire a professional for a yearly tune-up. During the maintenance call, your professional will clean your unit, replace faulty parts and make any other necessary adjustments. This service, which should be performed each spring, will also improve your system’s efficiency, thus lowering your utility bills.
  • Change the filter: Your unit’s air filter is responsible for keeping dust, dirt, pollen and other debris out of the system. The filter gets clogged up pretty quickly, which makes your unit work overtime to put out cold air. One answer for the question, “How to extend the life of an AC unit?” is to change your filter each month to prevent your unit from working harder than it must.
  • Keep your AC clean: Leaves, twigs and grass clippings are just a few of the things that will collect around your outdoor condenser throughout the year. Your technician will clear out this debris during your maintenance call, but be sure to regularly clean up this debris to reduce the chance of a breakdown and to extend your AC’s lifespan.
  • Give your unit a rest: ACs that run 24/7 experience more frequent breakdowns and tend to have shorter lifespans. We recommend turning your AC off when you’re not at home to reduce wear and tear. Additionally, consider turning your AC off when you go to bed—or at least raise the thermostat a few degrees.
  • Allow air to circulate: Another tip on how to extend the life of an AC unit is to make sure there’s plenty of airflow around the outdoor condenser. While you’re picking up debris, trim any bushes or trees back so that your AC has plenty of room to operate.
  • Clean the ducts: Dirty air ducts can restrict the amount of air coming into your home and make your system work extra hard to put out cold air. We recommend scheduling professional air duct cleaning every three to five years. Along with improving your AC’s lifespan, air duct cleaning keeps your home free from dust or other allergens.
  • Check for leaks: Finally, make a habit of checking your system’s hoses for any leaks. Leaky hoses lead to sudden breakdowns and can reduce your unit’s lifespan. A professional is the only one who should repair leaks, so call a technician right away if you spot any.

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