What Are the Most Common Walk-in Freezer Problems?

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A range of commercial businesses rely on walk-in freezers. Any time your freezer isn’t working, that’s going to hurt your bottom line. It may seem like a hassle to have your walk-in freezer repaired, but the reality is that ignoring the problem could lead to more expensive fixes later.

Let’s take a look at how to fix a walk-in freezer.

Frost buildup

One of the most persistent walk-in freezer problems is a buildup of frost. You may think this is normal—a freezer is supposed to be extremely cold, right? But frost buildup shows that the temperatures inside the freezer aren’t stable. This causes items to melt and then refreeze, which may result in these items being unsafe for consumption.

It’s also an indication that excess humidity levels are leading to too much condensation in the freezer. If the buildup of frost is by the freezer door, this may be an indication that the seals aren’t tight enough. Check your gaskets; if you see damage, then it’s time to call in a professional technician. If you’re seeing frost buildup and there’s no clear cause, then a professional inspection will be able to pinpoint the problem.

Stale odors

Another common problem is a lingering, stale smell. This could be a result of what you’re storing in the freezer, but it might also be because of products not freezing as they should. This would be an indicator of poor temperature control.

The most common reason for bad odors is a coolant leak. The condenser may be not functioning properly, or a component could be broken, resulting in the coolant leak. An inspection will determine what the root cause of the problem is.

Temperature fluctuation

Among the leading walk-in freezer problems is inconsistent temperatures. When the freezer’s temperature is constantly changing for no reason, this might be due to a faulty sensor. It could also be linked to bad habits in usage, such as not making certain the door is shut or leaving the door open for too long.

Any of these issues will mean the freezer is working harder to maintain the correct temperature. Leave this problem alone for too long, and you may need to replace your walk-in freezer sooner than you’d like.


A clear indicator of a mechanical issue is unusual noises. Most walk-in freezers will have a steady, consistent hum. Anything that’s louder or inconsistent is a sign that things are going wrong. Call a professional to look at your walk-in freezer to identify and solve the problem so that your freezer can get back up and running right again.

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