Warning Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Walk-In Freezer

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Warning Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Walk-In Freezer

Freezers and refrigerators are now commonplace, but they’re also modern marvels. Until the 20th century, there were few effective ways to keep food chilled, let alone frozen. As a result, folks had to rely on cured and salted meats, among other things. Without walk-in coolers and freezers, the restaurant industry would look very different these days.

Freezers are complex and consist of a variety of components. Over time, some of these components may break down or wear out, which could result in your freezer functioning improperly. This could lead to spoiled food and other issues. If your freezer is broken or breaking down, it’s time to fix or replace it.

Let’s look at some signs that your freezer may be breaking down. If you notice signs, contact a walk in freezer repair provider right away.

1. The inside of the freezer is sweating

Freezers freeze. If you put a glass of water in a freezer, it should eventually turn to ice. Indeed, look in just about any freezer and you’ll find ice. If that freezer stops working properly, that ice may begin to melt, creating puddles and sweating walls.

2. The freezer door doesn’t seal properly

If your freezer door no longer holds a seal, you’ll need to have the door repaired and resealed, at the very least. Without a proper seal, your freezer may not provide consistent cooling. Microbes, say from the kitchen, may also have an easier time getting into the freezer. And if temperatures aren’t cold enough, these microbes may thrive while your food spoils.

3. The compressor is making strange noises

A freezer’s compressor is ultimately what allows freezers to freeze and fridges to cool. Compressors essentially remove heat from within the fridge or freezer, causing the temperature to drop. If your compressor begins to malfunction, it may start to sound funny.

If you believe your compressor is malfunctioning, you need to keep a very close eye on temperatures within the freezer or cooler. Your compressor may not be able to keep things chilled, and food could spoil, costing your business a lot.

4. Rotting and spoiled foods

If your freezer isn’t maintaining a consistent temperature, food may begin to spoil and rot more quickly than expected. The freezer might even feel cold enough to you and your staff. However, with microbes, the difference of just a few degrees can determine whether they’ll thrive or die off. This, in turn, can impact how long food stays fresh, or conversely, how quickly it begins to rot.

Walk In Freezer Repair and Installation

We looked at common signs that your walk-in freezer might be breaking down. However, if your walk-in freezer is rather old, you should also look at energy efficiency. Even if your freezer is still in good repair, you should look at new walk in freezer installation so you can cut down on energy bills. Doing so could save you a lot in the long run, and a new walk-in freezer may pay for itself.

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