Top Commercial Grade Ice Makers on the Market 2022

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You might own a business or just like to have a lot of ice available for your home. A commercial grade ice maker can make and store all of the ice that you need.

The following gives you a better look at some of the best ice makers available.

Costway Split Modular Ice Machine

The Costway split modular most resembles the traditional ice machine that you could find in hotels virtually everywhere. It makes a hearty 353 pounds of ice per day and stores 198 pounds. The ice maker stands upright with a hinged hood covering the storage area and the ice-making portion situated above it.

Scotsman Undercounter Ice Maker

The Scotsman has a simple and rugged design that enables it to fit underneath the counters in many restaurants and bars. It produces up to 64 pounds of ice per day and is compact enough to fit in relatively small spaces. A water quality sensor and gravity drain help it to produce excellent ice quality.  

Euhomy Ice Machine

The Euhomy is another familiar-looking commercial ice maker that creates and stores an impressive quantity of ice. The Euhomy stands upright with the ice maker located at the bottom with the storage area on top. It produces 100 pounds of ice every day and holds 33 pounds in its storage bin. You can adjust the size of the cubes and initiate an auto-cleaning mode by using an LCD screen.

Newair Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Newair makes some of the lightest and most compact ice makers on the market. The portable countertop ice maker produces an impressive 45 pounds of ice per day. Special controls enable you to pick how large you want the cubes to be.

SYCEES Countertop Ice Maker and Ice Shaver

Another great countertop ice maker, the SYCEES also shaves ice and produces up to 44 pounds of ice per day. It can make an impressive 18 bullet-shaped ice cubes every 11 minutes and shaves ice in just a few seconds when you prefer the shaved variety.

Foster Ice Maker

The Foster is another standing ice maker that makes and stores a lot of ice. The storage bin is located on the bottom and holds a maximum of 265 pounds of ice. The ice maker sits on top of the storage bin and produces up to 350 pounds per day.

Newair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

The Nugget ice maker by Newair is ideal for the home and occupies a relatively small space on your countertop or similar location. It is small but produces up to 44 pounds of ice per day. The ice maker is light so that you can place it wherever you might need it from day to day.

The best ice maker creates clear ice quickly and stores a good quantity without drawing too much electricity. The ice maker might stand upright, stow away under a counter, or even rest on a countertop.

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