Understanding What HVAC Is and What It Includes

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Whether you are looking into a new line of work as a tradesman or are interested in finding out what the folks who service your air ducts do, it can be helpful to first answer questions like “What is HVAC?” and “What is included in HVAC?” After all, without these definitions, it can be tough to know whether it’s the right field for you or to see if it is the right industry of professionals to seek help with a specific problem in your home. 

Although the word “HVAC” might seem mysterious or confusing, it is easy to understand once you know what the acronym means. This article will cover what HVAC is, what it means, what it includes, and more.

What Is HVAC? 

Simply put, HVAC is an industry-specific acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Heating obviously means raising the temperature of a unit or area, while air conditioning refers to cooling an area. Ventilation means circulating the air so that particulates, fumes, and other unwanted pollution can “air out” of the premises being ventilated.

HVAC systems are designed to push air from outside the home or facility indoors. The air is then heated or cooled depending on the time of year, using a variety of specialized mechanisms. When people work in HVAC, they usually work to maintain these systems, repair them in the event of damage, and inspect them to make sure that they can operate safely and effectively all year round. 

You can easily find HVAC systems in a wide range of buildings. Many residential single-family units and multi-unit apartment buildings have HVAC systems to distribute heating and cooling throughout the facilities to keep the space comfortable. Plenty of commercial facilities rely on HVAC systems to keep the place at the optimal temperature for workers, goods, and compliance standards. Overall, HVAC is a small acronym that describes systems with major jobs in our workplaces, homes, production facilities, and more.

What Is Included in HVAC?

Depending on the type of HVAC system that one has, these systems can include many different parts and features. Some HVAC systems include mechanical components that make the air move from one place to another and condition it to the appropriate temperature for the season. In other systems, an air handling unit is included to streamline the process. In any case, all HVAC systems include some form of ventilation that brings in natural, fresh air, making it safer and healthier for all dwelling or working in an environment to breathe it in. 

When it comes down to it, most HVAC systems include some form of dehumidification process where extra humidity is taken out of the air before it is sent out into the home or commercial environment. They also heat or cool the air in some way to make it more comfortable. 

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