Ways To Save On Your AC Bill

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Ways To Save On Your AC Bill

We all know that sweltering summers can cause a big spike in your power bill. However, there are some simple ways to save on your AC bill without sacrificing your comfort!

Turn Down The Temperature

When it comes to saving money on your AC bill, there are a lot of ways to go about it. One way is to simply turn down the temperature. The reason that this is a great idea is because it allows your HVAC system to cool the house more efficiently without having to run as long and harder. In fact, you can save almost 15 percent off your heating bill by lowering the temperature to about 7 degrees overnight (or any other eight-hour time period). However, you should make sure that you do not drop the temperature too low at night, especially if you’re going to be asleep for a while. That can create issues with sleep patterns and could be dangerous for infants or elderly people.

Turn Off The Appliances

Turning off the appliances is an excellent way to save on your AC bill. But, you need to be careful about which appliances are off, and which ones you are leaving plugged in. Many modern devices continue to draw electricity even after they are turned off. This is known as standby power or phantom power, and it can account for up to 10% of your energy bill. There are some obvious culprits to watch out for, including your television and a microwave, but there are also some less common culprits, like LED lights and electric clocks. Unplugging a few of these gadgets will not only save you money on your next AC bill, but it will help save the environment as well. The best part is that it’s actually pretty easy! The trick is to use a power strip or similar device that can connect multiple devices into one spot. This can be done using a simple twist and clip, or by plugging each individual device into its own slot.

Seal Leaks

The most effective way to save on your AC bill is to seal air leaks. These leaks are hidden gaps, holes and cracks that let air in and out of your home’s building envelope. This leads to a lot of wasted energy. A well-sealed home reduces energy use by reducing air leakage and increases comfort year-round, even when you’re not using the heater or air conditioner. You can find and fix these leaks with a little caulking or weather-stripping. These projects can save you 5 to 30 percent on your annual heating and cooling costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, and can be done easily by a do-it-yourselfer. On a side note, air leaks can also let moisture into walls and ceilings, which makes them a breeding ground for mold. Over time, this moisture can cause rot in the framing members of your home, leading to costly repair bills.

Plant Trees

Trees not only make your home more attractive and beautiful but also help with saving money on AC bills. Planting a tree in your yard can increase your air conditioner’s efficiency as trees block out the sun’s rays and reduce the temperature inside your home. As the world faces climate change, tree planting has become popular with ambitious campaigns aimed at planting billions of trees. These projects often have multiple environmental and socioeconomic goals, such as regulating water cycles, halting soil erosion and restoring wildlife habitat. But the effectiveness of tree-planting programs depends on a lot more than planting new trees, and it can take years for the benefits to outweigh the costs of planting and caring for them. So, if you’re looking to plant trees, consider donating to forest restoration organizations or planting with a community.

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