Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services in Bridgeport, CT

When balmy temperatures herald the hot summer months ahead, it’s critical to have an AC unit that’s functioning to its fullest. Keeping your home or business cool against the heated temps of the summer season means being able to take refuge from a rising heat index, blistering UV rays and muggy humidity. At BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the critical nature of air conditioning service in Bridgeport, CT, to ensure you’re getting the cool, comfortable air you need.

Our range of expertise regarding your AC unit is expansive and inclusive. We’re able to deliver service where required and can help you to maintain your unit to a superior degree of functionality for as long as you own it. Take a look at the core of our focus when it comes to your air conditioning system:



If your fan isn’t spinning or your electrical system isn’t communicating signals to your AC unit, it’s time to think about calling us for AC repair in Bridgeport, CT. A unit that’s completely broken down isn’t going to be able to deliver comfortable air temps, and one that’s not working to its fullest isn’t doing your energy bills any favors! We have the capabilities to perform repair work swiftly and to a high degree of excellence.

ac service


Routine service is the key to keeping the cool air flowing smoothly throughout the summer months. Enlist the help of our techs to provide you with startup services at the beginning of the year, shutdown services at the end of the season and routine maintenance in intervals. We’ll make sure all vital components are working to their fullest and that your unit is in optimal condition at all times.

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Upgrading your AC unit? Outfitting a new development with quality AC right from the start? Give us a call and let us showcase professional installation of the highest caliber.

For more information about our full range of air conditioning services in Bridgeport, CT or to schedule an appointment with us for service, get in touch with us by calling 203-209-0797. If you’re having furnace or heating issues, problems with your refrigeration system, or have a walk-in freezer that’s not keeping temp, let’s us know!