Common Signs Your Ice Machine Needs Repairs

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Since they play a role in everything from cooling beverages to keeping food and perishables cold, ice machines are a crucial component of businesses in the food service and hospitality industries. When an ice machine goes down, it can be a significant setback for the business. This post will teach you a few of the signs that it’s time to call a professional for ice machine repair in Bridgeport, CT:

  • Not dispensing ice: Your first clue that something’s amiss with the ice maker is if it’s not putting out any ice. If the machine isn’t dispensing ice, check to make sure the water supply is on and that the water pressure is high enough. You’ll also want to check that the feeler—the arm that pushes cubes to the outer tray—isn’t blocked. If the feeler is blocked, the machine won’t be able to dispense any ice.
  • Not making any ice: An ice machine that’s not making any ice is really not doing its job. This problem may stem from the machine not being set to the right temperature. If the thermostat is where it needs to be, check to see if the water line is clogged or frozen. Defrosting the machine should help clear that up, but if not, you’ll need to call for ice machine repair in Bridgeport, CT.
  • Not making enough ice: Having some ice is better than not having any at all, but if you don’t have as much as you need, you’re still out of luck. Again, a lack of ice could be caused by a frozen line, so shut the machine off for a few hours to defrost it. If the machine still isn’t making enough ice after it’s been defrosted, you’ll need to call a repair technician.
  • It’s leaking: A puddle of water surrounding your ice machine is both a kitchen hazard and a sign that something’s wrong with the appliance. The leak could be caused by an issue with the water line. Check the line for any signs for damage or a loose connection and call a technician to come out and fix it right away. Scheduling routine ice machine maintenance in Bridgeport, CT can prevent these leaks, as your technician will inspect the water line for any damage.
  • Dispensing smelly ice: Nothing ruins a tasty beverage faster than bad-smelling ice cubes. Smelly ice is a sign that the filter hasn’t been changed in a while. Most filters need to be changed every six months to keep the ice clean and odor free.
  • Making strange noises: Weird noises coming from an otherwise well-functioning machine might not seem like a big deal. However, these sounds aren’t to be ignored. Weird noises, especially loud ones, could indicate an issue with the compressor or temperature control unit. Call a technician right away to diagnose and fix the issue.

At BLM Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that your ice machine can’t be down for long. That’s why we provide speedy repairs and ice machine maintenance in Bridgeport, CT. Give us a call today to set up an appointment, and we’ll send someone out right away to remedy your situation.

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